Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites graphicI just ran two miles. I don’t like running because it’s always hard when you start up (because I always stop!) and it makes me hot. I hate being hot. So before I jump into a nice cool shower, I am going to cheer myself up with some Friday Favorites! What are your favorite things right now?

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
This is a Netflix original produced by Tina Fey + someone else, a guy whose name I can’t remember. (Too hot to look it up.) It is so, so funny. The whole first season is on Netflix and my friend Megan and I burned through it in a little over a week.

For the Love launch team
I was super stoked to find out last week (has it only been ten days?!) that I was chosen to be part of the launch team for Jen Hatmaker‘s new book For the Love that comes out in August. I’ve already read an advance copy of it and trust me, you want to preorder it. I think it’s a really great book that tons of women will relate to. I laughed, I cried, I did some more of both — and that is the honest truth. One thing that I think is especially amazing about the book is that it has the 500 members of the launch team together in a private facebook group and (wo)man oh (wo)man! People are being so truthful and supportive of each other, sharing burdens and prayer requests and the joy and struggle of everyday life with one another. I am a words person, and I know this sounds weird but when someone gives me encouraging words, I love to reread them over and over and over again. I had a professor write me this amazing email in college in response to an email I sent her, and it gave me such great hope and light in a dark time that I still carry it folded up in my wallet. I shared some stuff in our facebook group and the words — oh my GOODNES — the words! I am blown away!

One thing that just makes me all #bless is that 5,000 people applied, but only 500 could be on the launch team. Jen and her publisher were able to give the other 4,500 four chapters of the book to read in advance, and those ladies have banded together as #the4500. I am literally like FOR THE LOVE over here because if that isn’t awesome, I don’t even know what is! Ladies. We are one tribe. And I freaking love all of you. I’ll leave all 5,000 (and then some!) with this:


Cross stitching
Sometimes it feels like my mind can never turn off. Anything that gets it to stop racing makes me happy. And that is were cross stitching comes in. I found Satsuma Street a little more than a year ago and they make my nerdy, grandmaesque heart so happy. I love their modern take on cross stitch — loud. bright. bold. Currently I’m almost done with their Pretty Little City and Pretty Little New York designs with many more in the que!

– – – – – – – – – –

There are too many other things to list, but my shins are hurting and I am so hot and sweaty so it’s time to sign off for the night. I have a really exciting evening of chips, Aztec sauce, and rereading For the Love on my plate. Whoo!


Friday Favorites: Spring Edition!

Ok, you can’t be mad at me for saying this, but it’s basically been spring since I was born in California close to 31 years ago. Someone on Instagram asked me the other day where the snow was and I said, “Uh. Snow? What is that stuff of which you speak?”

Friday Favorites graphic

There are some many things I am in love with right now, and it’s Friday, so… you know the drill!

1. #SheReadsTruth
All of it. Instagram feed. Twitter feed. Website. And app-in-development. I love that ladies can come together and love the Lord and grow in their knowledge of Him together. Irons sharpens iron. Will you consider donating and sharpening with the #SRT sisters?

2. Salads
I don’t have a picture for this one, but I’m enjoying salads lately. Dinner. Lunch. Just because. Last night I had one with bacon, hard boiled eggs (yuck – took out the yolks!), goat cheese, cabbage, and spinach. Today I had one with strawberries, spinach, sliced almonds, golden raisins, and goat cheese. SO GOOD. Maybe it’s because summer is practically here and salad seems like a warm-weather food.

3. Diet Dr. Pepper
I know this is basically poison, but it. is. SO. good.

4. essie Spring Collection
I love the entire collection, but this is probably my favorite of the bunch:

Truth or Flare

Truth or Flare

5.  My new wallet.
An early birthday present. And it’s on sale at Kohl’s for $21! So fun and both springy and summery!

Isn't it pretty?!

Isn’t it pretty?!

And that’s a wrap – for this week. What are you enjoying this Friday?

Friday favorites

Friday Favorites graphic

Hello friends! It’s a new week and a time for some new (and old-to-me) favorites. Share your favorites with me in the comments below, or write your own posts and share your links with me.

  • Parenthood You guys. In an attempt to fill the Lorelai (and Rory) Gilmore void in my life, I started watching Parenthood. While I keep expecting Lauren Graham/Sarah Braverman to be Lorelai, and she totally isn’t, I do love the show. I love that it’s addressing serious issues and that in each episode there is an element of family togetherness, even if it’s slightly cheesy. Why I never watched this show before, I don’t know. But I am a super fan now.
  • Freebies at Starbucks On Tuesday, I went to Starbucks before School of Ministry to get some writing done, and while I was there, they were getting rid of tall of the pastries in stock to make room for the fresh stuff. I lucked out because I got half a breakfast sandwich for free and then a little while later, I also got an entire old-fashioned donut for free, too. Bad for the waist, good for the belly and the writing fingers.
  • A change in the weather If you’d told me five years ago that I would be a hot weather hater at the close of my twenties, I would have laughed at you. But it’s true. Anything above 75 makes me want to die, and unless the humidity is in the 50 – 60% range, I also feel like dying. Well, bad news bears for Krista because it was in the low 80s with 5 – 8% humidity for almost a week. How the heck does a beach town have 8% humidity? That seems like it should be impossible! I actually shocked myself so badly on Sunday, thanks to the low humidity and crazy ridiculous winds, that my hand hurt for a good 30 minutes. Thankfully it’s now cool and misty and rainy and I am so, so happy. Bundle me up and call me happy.
  • Writing I so often feel like I have a big voice inside of me, just waiting to be unleashed to tell my story, but when it comes time to talk, my words sound like this: sjhdgiushgsjhguisgiseurhgiuehrva. Not so helpful. Thankfully, putting pen to paper (or, in this case, fingers to keyboard) helps get rid of the gibberish when I attempt to make sense of the world.
  • Babies! I just love new babies and my friend Jaimie’s baby is amazing and so cute. She was born a week ago today and is just the sweetest thing. I’ve been seen Jaimie begin many journeys in our friendship and I am so excited to watch her and her husband begin the journey of parenthood. I feel creepy posting pictures of my friend’s baby on the interwebz so here are some pictures of my and my awesome former-boss-turned-friend.
We karaoked a song whose name I cannot mention because it contains a curse word. But here's a hint: it's by Meredith Brooks.

We karaoked a song whose name I cannot mention because it contains a curse word and I kind of want to keep this blog family-friendly. But here’s a hint: it’s by Meredith Brooks.

Another fun, great day of O-Staff.

Another fun, great day of O-Staff.

president's dinner

My, my… how Jaimie has shrunk since this picture was taken at the President’s Dinner in 2007 and how I’ve enlarged. :)

honors convocation

Such an important person in my college life. I was so honored to have her present at my Honor’s Convocation! And now she’s a mama… we share our life’s journeys with each other.

Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites graphic

There are so many random, fun things that I love but it seems so weird to just post about them. So on Fridays for the time being I’m going to be sharing some of my favorite things: products, foods, books, moments — you name it, if it falls in my “favorite!” category for the week, I’ll share it. (Huge thanks to my friend Kim who is awesome and made me the graphic above and took my feedback via text!) What’s up for this week?

  • Full House Since I am one episode away from the end of my relationship with Rory and Lorelai Gilmore (sad face), I needed to distract myself with something to perk me up. Thanks to a free trial with Netflix, I am now fully walking through nostalgia city. I forgot how much I love and loved this show! It’s eight parts cheesy, one part worked up girl drama, and one part kind of inappropriate (Uncle Jesse say what!), but every time the theme song starts, I honestly am transported back to some of the happy memories I have of my childhood.
  • Creamsicles Apparently I am on a nostalgic kick because I bought a box of these at the grocery store this week and every bite reminds me of spending the summers at my grandma’s, eating popsicles and ice cream after playing in the sprinkler. Oh, for the simpler days.
  • Essie nail colors This week I’ve work Eternal Optimist and Lilacism (currently on my nail as I type!) and I just gotta say, their colors are so vibrant and pretty and for the price, they’re an awesome quality. Do you have a favorite Essie color?
  • Charisse This will be a weekly thing, I’m sure, but today, I saw her as she was dashing off to swim practice, and she came to me and gave me a great big hug and said, “Ohhh, you smell good!” I love tender moments like these. I’m sure it’s not too long before she doesn’t want to call me Sissy anymore and she doesn’t want anything to do with me, let alone tell me that I smell good, so I am going to cherish that girl every second while I can.
  • Friends I can’t say it enough, but I am so thankful and so blessed by the friends I have. God has brought me them from different places and different stages and different walks of life, and they just continue to challenge and encourage and admonish and uplift me. I think that good, quality friends are so important, and it just overwhelms me sometimes how beyond blessed I am for these ladies (and a few dudes, too!)

That’s it for this week. This list could go on and on but we’ll save some for the next few weeks. If you are interested sharing your weekly favorites with me and others, please join up (you can use the graphic above but please make sure you link it back to my site!). To share you post, do the following:

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