Best of Krista

Looking for a good idea of who I am? Let me help you out because I am really kind and helpful like that. Here are links to some of my favorite posts and glimpses of who I am:

9.5.2012: The mending
11.29.2012: To the fireplace
12.9.2012: Knots
1.22.2013: The middle place, part one
4.1.2013: Writing me
4.2.2013: Chasing dreams
4.7.2013: The mundane & the magical
6.5.2013: Passion & Purity
7.28.2013: Recollections: Four Parts
10.21.2013: Dear sweet girl
7.5.2014: A letter to my youth leader
3.9.2015: Stitched


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