Auld Lang Syne

I have really been a terrible blogger this year! But can you really blame me? I’ve been traveling non-stop all year it seems, and I’ve been writing, and it’s Christmas month… YIKES. So I thought I’d just use this last post of 2016 to highlight some of the best and brightest parts of my year!

  • In February I went to the IF:Gathering in Austin, Texas and I made a vacation out of it! I flew in to Dallas/Fort Worth, stayed with my friend Stefanie, drove to the conference the following day, had a great two days soaking in great teaching, went to church at Austin New Church (after having the most random flat tire ever) and met my new friend Jaclyn, and spoke with my friend Heather’s girls’ group. It was a whirlwind but I remembered so clearly why I love Texas, especially the Austin area! (I wrote a little about what I learned that weekend.)
  • Charisse turned 12 right after I got back from Austin and we threw her a rad Harry Potter themed birthday party! (Of course I wrote about that, too!)
  • Uh, maybe you heard, maybe you didn’t, but I wrote a book! (You can get Four Letter Words on Amazon!) I also had some fun writing blog posts leading up to the book’s release (although I kind of did a terrible job with the release!). You can read these posts for some four letter words and my reflections on them: heat | back | sift | rise | pray
  • Charisse started 7th grade and I realized I only have ONE more first day of school with her before I don’t take her to school anymore so I wrote a love letter to a 7th grader.
  • In September, I flew to Michigan to see a friend that I met doing the For the Love book launch get married. Several of us stayed with her and it was such a fun, carefree weekend. I’d gotten some really hard, upsetting news 36 hours before I left, news that left me in tears in on of the pastor’s offices, and leaving was so nice. My goal was to go and pretend my California life didn’t exist and that’s exactly what happened — I deleted my work email off my phone and I enjoyed the hell out of that weekend.
  • On November 1, I left for a two-week cruise to Europe and Israel and it was honestly the trip of a lifetime. The things I saw! I will post pictures and more from that trip after the start of the year.
  • Then — boom! — just two weeks after I got home from the cruise, I left again, this time to go to Missouri. I visited a friend who’d had a baby a few months earlier and it was everything the cruise was not. I slept in sweatpants and wore sweatpants and ate lots of food with cheese and snuggled my friend’s fat little baby and came home so refreshed.

I am excited for 2017. I’ve been goal planning, including using Powersheets, and I feel so confident about the goals I’ve set for myself. Some are very lofty, some are smaller, and all are very personal. Every goal is broken down into pieces and I feel like I have set myself up for a challenging and rewarding new year. I can’t wait to share my life with you (because yes, blogging more often is a goal, and I’ve got a plan to make it happen!).

See you soon, 2017! Until we meet again, here’s a little gift for you:

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