two book reviews — Anchored by Kayla Aimee & Desiring God by AW Tozer

Ok, quick note here: it’s been an insane month and I have fallen off the #fangirlyourfriends posts. But check back this Friday for a new post and it will be worth the wait, I promise!

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I wanted to share with you two books I’ve had the chance to read and review this month. As you may or may not know (hah!) I am a big fan of reading. reading about 80 books a year. This year I’m right at 76 books, which is on track for 80. I have read so much more non-fiction this year than the last few years, which is really unusual for me. I recently finished these two books:

23492928Anchored by Kayla Aimee is the story of what happens when life goes totally not the way we planned. Kayla was happily pregnant after many tries and many losses, planning for a new life, when her labor started at 24 weeks — far too soon for her sweet Scarlette to make her appearance. Kayla writes candidly about her experiences of bringing a child, who weighed less than six sticks of butter at birth (a line that struck me like an arrow in the heart!), into the world and everything so interwoven with her early birth — marriage, a testing of one’s faith, love, friendship… it is endless the things that are affected by prematurity.

I loved this book because even though I am not yet a mom, Kayla made her story so real. I think most women have experienced loss or devastation at some point in their lives so Kayla’s words really resonate across so many experiences. I also loved the honesty with which Kayla told her story. It wasn’t all sunshine and roses. She shared the deep things she was struggling with and the pain that lingered even after Scarlette grew. I just wanted to hug her as I read because I felt like she was sitting across from me at a coffee shop sharing her testimony with me — I felt so connected to her.

Her writing is just beautiful, too — honest and raw and full of wonderful images and a richness that is hard to compliment when you consider you’re reading such a painful story.

This book is now currently housed with all my other favorites because it’s earned the right to be there.

26212964The other book I want to share about Delighting in God by AW Tozer. We read The Pursuit of God as a staff last year and I totally enjoyed it. I thought it was challenging to my walk with God and convicting so I’ve been looking forward to reading more of Tozer’s rich body of works (he’s got SO many books to pick from!). Unfortunately, I must say that if that was the first book of his that I had read, it would be the last. I will try another book simply because I believe The Pursuit of God was so life-changing.

I think Tozer makes some really good points in this book. One thing that I think is reflected throughout is what Tozer reminds us toward the end: “Let us remember that the mercy of God did not begin at Calvary. The mercy of God led to Calvary.” We need this reminder. The blessings and goodness of God didn’t come because Jesus died on the cross; it’s the other way around. I think we need to hear that again and again so we can recognize the diety and holiness of our Savior.

But most of the book doesn’t feel like that. Most of the book feels like Tozer climbed on his high and mighty soapbox and is issuing his judgments from up there while the majority of people who call themselves Christians are way, way below him. Do you like any music besides hymns (any music including contemporary Christians music)? Well, don’t, because it’s not good enough for Tozer. Do you read any books besides the Bible, including the great classics? Well, don’t, because it’s not good enough for Tozer. That’s what this entire book feels like — nothing is good enough for Tozer and therefore your faith isn’t as good as his.

This book makes me feel all touchy and sensitive and I just wasn’t a fan and I would not recommend it to anyone. Period. It was totally the opposite of Anchored.

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I was provided with both of these books for free in return for an honest and unbiased review. Thank you to B&H Publishing for Anchored and to Bethany House for Delighting in God.

Tell me what you think!

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