#fangirlyourfriends: Angie + Angie (or, #angiesquared)

Guys! Can you believe we’ve had more than a month of these crazy amazing #fangirlyourfriends posts? Be sure to read them all if you haven’t already! And now let’s get to today’s post!

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Seasonal friendships are probably the most abundant friendships for most all of us. You switch jobs and BAM – those girls don’t have time for you anymore. You move away and WHAM – those people decided you aren’t available anymore. There is a falling out with other people and WHOP – you turn around and the friends you once had are just not there anymore. We grow older, more mature, get married, have families, the list goes on and on.

Then this happens. One day when you least expect it, and you aren’t looking anymore, someone walks into your life that you weren’t expecting.

This GIRL.angie1

I am on the left, she is on the right. This was Oct 27, 2015 after the Chonda Pierce Movie. Everyone was staring at us as if we were crazy. Really we just know how to have a good time, and sometimes that means making ourselves laugh, because that movie was rough and we were done crying for the night.

Let me give you my version of fangirling my BGF. We met because our boys were in a program together. God really gave her to me as a gift. REALLY. We have been through some STUFF. The short version is this – we have 8 kids between us ages 22-2. We have 2.5 grandbabies. Our husbands are friends – they mutually roll their eyes at us daily. Our favorite things to do are cook and share a meal together. And get into occasional trouble at the movies, like last night.

Our adult children make every effort to join us when they know we are all going to be together for some reason or another – it doesn’t take much. These people have become important to us – our family. We plan holidays together. We celebrate birthdays together. We celebrate nothing- just to get together. Our friendship started out as two mommas volunteering for their boys, and turned into a sisterhood that is unbreakable – and believe me things have happened and people have tried.


I have sat with this chicka when her family was in its darkest hours – her father suffering and passing on, calling the family because her husband nearly died due to a rare condition. Then there was that time she had a baby – her fourth, a boy – SURPRISE ! She in turn has showed up when my daddy had a major 12 hour heart surgery, when he had cancer surgery and when my girl lost her little one in the midst of a quiet pregnancy. And she always brings bagels and coffee. She is the second closest person to me – only in line behind my husband.

We know each others hopes, dreams fears. We aren’t afraid of holding each other accountable, or loving one another in a crisis. We aren’t afraid of what the other thinks- we pretty much already know.

We have celebrated, laughed, cried and screamed together. We have walked away from relationships with other people to preserve our friendship. We have made huge decisions and huge mistakes, yet we always have unconditional love for one another. We have taken the long road to lifelong friendship- and I am glad God prepared me to be a BGF to someone so opposite as myself. Its been such an amazing ride. As we both grow closer to Jesus our friendship bonds grow stronger. What a blessing.

As hubs and I turn the corner into a new phase soon – empty nesting – I am wondering how our friendship will take shape. She has a 2 year old. I wonder – but I do not worry. I am sure that as long as there is breath in either of us, we will always be #angiesquared .

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Angie squared, you guys make me smile so much! Angie D., thank you for honoring your friend with your words! You can read more about Angie D. over at her blog, angiedailey.com.

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