hawaiian dreaming

I have felt so many things on my mind lately it’s been kind of overwhelming. You think I would have come back from my Texas vacation refreshed, and I was, totally (which surprises me because on paper that weekend was anything but restful — it was go go go for three and a half days and I was definitely tired when I came home — tired but refreshed!)… But knowing that I was going on another super long vacation just a few weeks after coming home from Texas has kept me “nervecited,” as Charisse would say, for the last five weeks.

I’ve been living in that “I’m going on vacation soon!” mindset. I cannot wait to go visit Hawaii on Saturday but I’ve been trying to get as much as I can done before I leave so the people I’m leaving behind for nine days won’t feel my absence too much, try to kind of forget that I’m going to Hawaii(!) so I can actually remember the tons of things I need to accomplish before I leave work at 5 pm on Thursday.

Now that it’s less than a week away (108 hours until my plane departs!), I can’t stop obsessing over it, though. Hawaii! Never in a million years would I have imagined I would go. We will be staying at the Aulani Disney resort for the entire week, plus we will have a car so we can visit the island and see other things. I know we’re going to Pearl Harbor and to a luau for sure, but other than that I am trying not to be a major type-A scheduler. I want to lie in the sad, relax and a read a lot, and make memories that will carry me through the rest of my long life.

I’ve got my big-girl camera packed in my carry on (because by some miracle of miracles, I’m 85% packed already!). Yesterday I had some extra money come my way (a couple whose wedding I coordinatedrecently very generously gave me some extra money as a thank you and I did an easy dog sitting job for the day), so I decided to go grab the few things I still needed. I thought I needed a lot, but my list was so short. I found some sunglasses on Amazon (super cheap Wayfarers which I love, have owned already, and lost!), I got a neck pillow at Ross, and I grabbed sunblock at Target. Tonight I got a few other odds and ends (which I’m sure you’re just dying to hear about) — gum (SO MUCH GUM. I chew a lot of gum!), a hair buff things (like a crazy awesome headband but a thousand times better), hair ties (I was down to the last one and any girl with longer hair knows that’s a dangerous position to be in), and bobby pins, because the bobby pin monster constantly steals mine.

My suitcase, in uncharacteristic fashion, is nearly full. I’ve probably overpacked (yes, I am using my giant yellow luggage for a seven-night trip) but I will be comfortable. I’ve got my carry on full (yes, it will contain my laptop and my DSLR because I’m not stupid enough to pack those in my suitcase!). It’s got my nook and more gum and lip balm. It’s got so much. I am ready to go.

I’m finally starting to let my mind focus during the day on Hawaii. I try to keep my focus at work as much as I can, but more and more my mind keeps going to luaus and sunblock and clear, warm water and gorgeous hikes and delicious food and laughter and so much warmth. I can’t wait.

I am going to Hawaii, y’all!

(And yes, I plan on wearing my GIANT and amazing earrings by tiffany wade [I got these in medium but I wish I’d gotten these because I love the layered look]. Get yourself a pair. Be cool like me and Jen Hatmaker and Jamie Ivey.)

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