#fangirlyourfriends: Rebekah + Amy

This is another #fangirlyourfriends post! I’ve written a few before this one (well — I’ve shared a few I should say. These lovely friends get all the credit for the writing!). Click over here to catch up if you haven’t yet. It’s pretty incredible so see the love flowing from these ladies. I’m so glad my dear friend Corie had this genius idea about how important our very immediate friends are! This week Rebekah is here to fangirl her friend Amy. Check it out below! (And come back next week. I’ve got a few other posts brewing in these here blog waters!)

– – – – – – – – – –

As cool of a position as I try to assume at any given moment, let’s face it — #fangirling is just not all that hard for me. I mean, at nearly 40, I still belt out every pop song within days of its debut and get excited over shiny objects. (Literally.) So when Krista asked who’d like to #fangirl a friend, within three minutes I was all, “Um, can I do more than one?” Cool as a cucumber, I’m telling y’all.
When it came down to it, though, as many great people as I have in my life, I kept going back to one special, unique gem.
Amy O’Neal and I first met when we worked together in communications for a hospital. As endearing as her kind, quiet nature is, her occasional insert of quick wit is even better. (This wit is always there; don’t get me wrong. Amy just doesn’t speak up that often.) I quickly learned that with Amy, what you saw was what you got… plus some. Never one to promote herself or pretend to be anything she isn’t, Amy more often than not puts herself last. This, among many other traits, continues to show me what Jesus really would do much more than any bracelet from the 90s ever could.
When it comes to family, she is the most devout. With the sweetest of smiles, she’ll listen to my Whine Of the Day, then kindly remind me everything ebbs and flows. If things are too crazy, she’ll share a story that has me laughing until all is well again. Though I’ve yet to hear her actually complain about her duties as a mom and a wife, as with other areas of her life, Amy certainly makes it clear that she is constantly striving to be better, reminding me without saying a word that it’s only just begun for me, and I have great role models to learn from in so many areas.
I could wax on about Amy’s work ethic, then rave about her spirituality, but I can already promise you that the ratio of my gushing is in direct proportion to her embarrassment that I’m even #fangirling her.
So I’ll say this: my sweet friend who avoids the spotlight like we gingers stay out of the sun, who constantly underestimates your own value, who will never see the incredible talent you are and you have: please let me #fangirl you today.
Otherwise, you may never truly know that you are an absolute hero to me, and that would be tragic.
You work hard, you adore your family, you love to give and laugh and show adoration, you have honored your parents in the sweetest of ways, and your love for our God is purer than a child’s.
You may think you have a long way to go, but this #fangirl knows you are worth more than riches, and I adore you.

– – – – – – – – – –

Amy, you are awesome. Truly! I love reading what Rebekah had to share about you. (Actually, this post has made me kind of sniffly because you guys sound like the sweetest of friends, and there is nothing that makes me happier than seeing women love each hard and out loud!) Know that you are loved and honored and so special! <3 And don’t forget to #fangirlyourfriends this week!

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