what I read: September 2015

It has been forever since I talked about books on here! I am going to try to do a monthly thing at the beginning of each month to share with you what I read the previous month. So without making you wait longer, here’s what I read in September! (You can always check out everything I’ve read in the last eight years or so on my Goodreads page!)

dawn95621As Sure as the Dawn by Francine Rivers
I started reading the Mark of the Lion trilogy like two years ago and just finally go around to finishing it this year. I really enjoyed As Sure as the Dawn, but I didn’t love it the way I did the first two. The hardest part is that it took a while for it to get going. The first two books don’t center on Arteses, so it was a transition to put myself in his story instead of the other characters’ stories. It is definitely action-packed and has a lot of sweet and tender moments, but I felt like sometimes to Arteses was a super irritating caricature of someone against Christianity/German warrior. It felt a bit over the top in places. But ultimately, it was a truly satisfying conclusion to an excellent series. If you’ve read the first two, I would say to definitely read this one! 4/5 stars

fairest22489107Fairest by Marissa Meyer
I have enjoyed the first three books in the Lunar Chronicles series. Fairest is the backstory of Queen Levana and it’s super creepy. It didn’t make me like her any better, but it gave me insight into how she turned out the way she did. I was gasping out loud in so many places in this book. I could also slowly see so many of the pieces of the Lunar Chronicles books thus far come together. I also loved how this book gave you some of the backstory with the plague and set up how things happening in Cinder, Scarlet, and Cress. I have grown more and more curious about the backstory so it’s fun to get to have that. I am so excited to read Winter when it comes out later this year! 4/5 stars

fishing8389940Fishing for Stars by Bryce Courtenay
I read the first book (The Persimmon Tree) in this two-book series almost three years ago. I actually listened to the audio book because I was driving at hour to work and an hour home each day. I loved the narrator so much that I finally got around to reading the second book — or in this case, listening to it via Audible. I have to say, while I LOVED The Persimmon Tree, I am looking forward to being done with Fishing for Stars because I am not enjoying its content as much. In The Persimmon Tree, we meet these rich, amazing characters and we see how war disrupts their lives and how they must survive. There is (historically accurate) a big importance placed on “comfort women” (aka women in brothels) and heroin addition, and while it’s important we aren’t beat over the head with it. But in Fishing for Stars, I feel like so much of what I’m reading/hearing is all about sex sex sex and it’s like, when is enough enough? Also, Anna, who is such a compelling and wonderful character in The Persimmon Tree, is highly unlikeable in Fishing for Stars. In act, I don’t really like any of the characters in this book. I have about an hour left to listen so my rating is based “only” on 21 hours of previous listening. 2.5/5 stars

thorn3413The Thorn Birds by Collen McCullough
I had been craving a big, fat book to get lost in during the month of September and I got lucky because Modern Mrs. Darcy posted a bunch of big, fat books for your summer reading a few months before I got my craving (maybe she’s to blame for the craving!). Anyhow. I pulled up the list at Barnes and Noble and this was the one they had in stock that looked most interesting. It’s the story of a family set over many, many decades and three generations. It takes place main in Australia. I am about 2/3s of the way through and it’s wonderful. I have found myself rooting for characters, getting angry with them, gasping and being shocked and heartbroken and overjoyed and frustrated. The plot of the book is simply watching the family unfold over the years and it’s marvelous. 4/5 stars

sortsOut of Sorts by Sarah Bessey
When Jen Hatmaker’s book launched and the subsequent party happened, I came to the realization that I needed something to fill that void. Enter Sarah Bessey. I had heard of her previous book and have read many of her blog posts before, so I was excited to apply to be on her launch team for Out of Sorts, which comes out in November. I have loved every minute of Out of Sorts so far. It is rich book. It is a deep book. Sarah is a writer who digs deeply into things that can make us uncomfortable. Out of Sorts looks at our faith as it has and continues to evolve. I think it’s broken down in a way that makes it a book to connect very deeply and personally with. I have felt out of sorts with my faith many times in my life, and so many times I finding myself nodding my head and saying “Amen!” to Sarah’s words. They’ve surely helped me fell less alone in my wondering and my wandering. 5/5 stars


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