#fangirlyourfriends: Kathy + Lindsay

A few weeks ago, my wonderful new friend Corie wrote this great post about how we should be fangirling our friends (it’s friendship required reading so go! read it!). She says why so well:

I promise you your friends are doing amazing things. Whether it looks like it from the world’s perspective or not, they are. They are wiping baby bottoms and cleaning toilets. They’re writing books, serving at restaurants, and making coffee. They’re walking in their own little lanes that God as called them to and they need fans. Fans that know the intricate details of their lives. Fans that will pray them through the trenches. Fans that know when they need encouragement and when they just need a place to turn off their brain, have a margarita, and watch their favorite T.V. show. They need YOU. They need you to be their fangirl.

Starting today, I’m going to be running a series called #fangirlyourfriends. Every Friday (what better way to start the weekend than with a big, wonderful bright spot?!) I’ll post another story from a friend fangirling her friends. Today is the first post of what will be at least through the end of the year.

So without further delay, meet Kathy, who is fangirling her friend Lindsay today. Oh, and PS, Lindsay’s birthday is on the 28th, so share the love! And don’t forget to #fangirlyourfriends.

– – – – – – – – – –

When Krista posted the idea of starting a blog series inspired by Corie Clark’s great idea to #fangirlyourfriends, I knew right away I wanted to participate. It was just obvious to me that I had to write about one of the people dearest to my heart in honor of her birthday. So, I said “sign me up!” And then I panicked a bit. I’m not a writer. Things always sound better in my head than what actually comes out onto the paper. And how can I ever even put in to words what my best friend means to me? But it needed to be done, so I’m breathing deep and diving in because the world should get a little taste of just how amazing my dear friend Lindsay is.

This lady is ridiculously talented and creative. She is a photographer, teacher, graphic designer, and creates outstanding chalkboard typography. She joins me in my crazy love of dressing up our families according to a theme and can rock the homemade Halloween costume like nobody’s business.


Her momma heart for her three lovely little girls is nothing short of fierce and passionate. She models our need for grace by giving and receiving it. She finds ways to encourage each of her girls’ unique personalities and interests. She is intentional about making memories and pointing her girls to Jesus. She encourages me to join her on adventures when taking my children anywhere sounds exhausting.

She knows how to throw magazine-worthy parties, she sends sweet, thoughtful care packages, and she bakes a mean chocolate chip cookie. I fully believe she is incapable of doing anything half-ass. Let’s not forget to mention she is stunningly beautiful, stylish, outgoing and hilarious. She lives life at full volume.


In a nutshell, she’s who I want to be when I grow up. People are drawn to her wherever we go, and I don’t blame them. I’m her #1 fan. It’s probably a good thing we’re actually friends, because it might be awkward otherwise.

Of all these wonderful things I’ve listed, not one even touches on the real reason I am such a fangirl of this outstanding woman. The thing that really knocks my socks off about my friend is how she sees people, truly sees them, and speaks life into them. I am a prime example. Lindsay knows my story and is continually speaking truth to me. Whether it is to encourage me in remembering my identity or to call me out on something, she invests in me (as she does many others). She has taken the time to know my story. She has dived down deep, to my messiest of places and has not been scared away. She has passionately fought for my heart, my children and my marriage when I have simply not been able. I have hurt her and made choices that should have had drastic effects on our friendship, yet she has extended such grace. And she is honest about her mess too. She invites me in to her realness. She listens when she hurts me and seeks reconciliation. She never pretends to have it all together. This kind of friendship is hard work, people. It can be painful and exhausting to die to oneself, be vulnerable and dive in to people’s messes, but oh, it is so what we need. To know and be known, to risk and experience that deep love and acceptance. It feels like Jesus.

To my dear, sweet, totally kick-ass best friend – I am so glad you were born. You have helped me learn how to embrace my awkward, breathe deep and be Kathy. You have been the hands and feet of Jesus to me in so many ways and I will never be able to fully express what your friendship means. But I’ll keep trying anyways. I love you to forever.

kathy_lindsey3– – – – – – – – – –

Lindsay, you rock! Happy birthday, and thank you for making a difference in Kathy’s life and the lives of so many others. What a joy it is to get to honor you in my own little space today! <3

You can find out more about Kathy over at her blog, The Little Things. Thank you for sharing, Kathy aka my own Kristen Wiig!

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