“78610” by Krista Wilbur

In this heat I feel my heart beating,
noisy and wild, living loudly and out loud.
My emotions pour down my face and back,
in sweat and in tears,
in chills and the burning
ache of being known and seen
deep inside my very bones.
I am not alone in this great big and wide and heavy
weary world.

In Austin and Buda I labored under love and under
sweet mercy and grace, giving
to others the the same given to me by One greater
than I can ever aspire to be.

In this moment, under a hot yellow sky and
in the dry brush of the hard ground, watching these feet and
faces walking in clusters and
in the pulse of music that threads this city,
in the noise and the stars,
we find rest and Sabbath in the arms of women
from every walk and season and setting of life.

In this pain prickling down my arm,
skin pinched and pierced, I am reminded again of
hands and feet that paved a way for us to gather,
to worship and weep, to
let down the guard so hard-fought for and
yet so hated.

In our rejoicing and deepest sorrow,
in our groanings and our shouts of joy, these
are the very hands clasped under our
wrists, anchored firmly skin-to-skin,
mother to child,
bearing the weight of tired arms as we strive
to play our one right note for the
glory of God.

In the latest hours, when words and
laughter echo equally across beds and rooms
all over these cities, the
Church is coming to life, being
resurrected in lives once broken and thoroughly
stonewalled from God. Faith is being
reborn, bright and bold, as we come to
feel and realize the heaviest and most
beautiful weight of the last six months:
bear each others’ burdens,
be each others’ advocates,
seek the small,
love fiercely, until you return
to the dust.

In Buda we began to live the
Gospel, beginning
with our sisters, flaming bright the
truth of Jesus.
I shall never walk my own city streets
the same,
will never look at the faces of the
brave and broken,
hurting and healing,
the same.

In my stillest of soul, in Texas
on a hot summer night, I know what
I’ve known all along but so often forget:
God lives among us and
we are known.

– – – – – – – – – –

I will be posting one last post this week about what I learned and lived in Texas. Pop back on Friday and read five real-life applications of my great Texas adventure!

You are welcome to repost this poem in your own space, but please be sure to give me credit and link back to me. I love sharing my writing but I work hard on the poems I post here so I appreciate people giving credit where credit is due!

Tell me what you think!

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