but a breath

I’ve been on Facebook a lot over the last few days because of the For the Love launch team Facebook group, reading messages and helping with designing a t-shirt. So much has been posted that it’s been easy to miss things from other people or to only see things briefly. One of those things popped up a couple of days ago and I saw it was from a blog-friend I’ve know for a few years and had a picture of her boyfriend. I thought it was an engagement post (I’ve been waiting for it to happen!) and I made a mental note to look at it later. I forgot, and last night as I was going to bed I saw that several people had posted on her wall. And a chill ran through my body.

It wasn’t congratulations they were posting.

It was condolences.

I clicked over to my friend’s page and scrolled down to the post I’d only seen briefly that morning and held my breath in disbelief as I read that her sweet, kind, Godly boyfriend died earlier that day.

A young man. A beautiful, faith-filled life.

I feel sick writing that here. Because even though I’ve never met this woman in real life, she is a friend. And when my friends hurt, it cuts me to the quick. I ache with them.

I am just devastated for her. For her boyfriend’s family. For their friends. I want to cry out to God at the injustice of a life lost so young. My mind cannot comprehend it. It is tragic and horrifying and crushing.

Death comes too fast.

It’s made me think, though. It comes too fast for all of us. We never have enough time. I hate that my friend didn’t get to spend a lifetime with the man she loves. I hate that our time here on Earth is never enough with the ones we love.

But. I think about my friend’s boyfriend and I am convinced of one thing.

He is with Jesus right now. He is literally worshiping the True and Living God. He is healed. He is whole. He is in Paradise for eternity. He ran His race to honor God and now he sees Him face-to-face.

Here we mourn, but underneath the sadness I also remind myself the mourning is paired with a rejoicing.

I am now, more than ever, acutely aware of the urgency of living my life on purpose for God. Not for me. Not for my glory or fame or honor but FOR HIS. Even in the simplest of my days, I want to live a life that points with steady hands and heart to the Man who saved me.

Please pray for my friend. Pray for God’s peace and for Him to be ever-present in the midst of her grief.

Tell me what you think!

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