It’s #boutofbooks time again!

Well, here we go! It’s 12:01-ish am on Monday, January 5th, and I am participating in my third bout of books. I have an insanely busy week ahead of me (something happening every single night!) but that’s ok because I will squeeze in as much time as I can into reading. For more info on #boutofbooks, check out their website!

BoB12-200x200(Funny story. I didn’t sleep well on Saturday so when I got home from church/work/running errands on Sunday afternoon, I got in my pjs and decided to take nap, knowing that I would be cracking open the pages of my first book at 12:01 am on Monday morning. I wanted to start fresh, have a whole day for reading, and go to bed Monday night with some decent hours under my belt. Well, I went to sleep just fine and woke up at 5:45 am… And I was so bummed! I couldn’t believe I’d slept not four or five hours like I planned but 13.5. I was texting friends in a group text about what happened and one of them said “Krista. It’s not tomorrow! It’s SUNDAY EVENING, not Monday morning.” I laughed so hard! Still brings a smile to my face!)

So I’ll just be using this one post for updates throughout the week. And borrowing a format I’ve seen from many other bloggers, I’ll be keeping it simple this year! Updates are below:

Day 1: Monday, January 5 (evening activity: accountability group)
Number of books & pages I’ve read today:
Total number of books & pages I’ve read:
Today #insixwords:

Day 2: Tuesday, January 6 (evening activity: School of Ministry)

Day 3: Wednesday, January 7 (evening activity: work!)

Day 4: Thursday, January 8 (evening activity: wedding rehearsal, home group)

Day 5: Friday, January 9 (evening activity: possible wedding set up with families)

Day 6: Saturday, January 10 (daytime activity: coordinate a wedding!)

Day 7: Sunday, January 11 (daytime activity: work but that’s it!)

Tell me what you think!

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