Friday favorites

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It’s been too long since I’ve done a Friday favorites post… almost a year. Hah. Talk about a long time! So here I am this week, with some of my favorite things right now.

Chasing God by Angie Smith | I have read exactly one chapter and I’m a mess. Two lines that I can’t get out of my head:

“I’m not trying to sell you something here. I’m reminding you that you’ve been bought.”

“It doesn’t matter what you say or do or feel or want or dream or imagine your role was. The reality is that He did the beautiful thing you could never do. He chose us in spite of ourselves, and without that, we would never have found Him.”

My heart. (As a reminder… check out this post because I am doing a giveaway that ends after church on Sunday!) (Or buy it at one of these places: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | CBD)

The song “Made Alive” by the band Citizens | Can’t. Stop. Listening. One of the pastors who leads a worship team was listening to it yesterday and I just can’t get its lyrics out of my head. They are just so true and deep. My favorite line? Well, all of them, but the chorus is reverberating in my head for sure: You have bought me back with the richess of Your amazing grace and relentless love…

Bacon | I really feel like there is no further explanation necessary but just in case:

bacon is good for me

The ESV Journaling Bible | We got these as Christmas gifts at work and I love it. I’ve read two translations before – the NIV and most recently the NKJV – but I am really, really enjoying reading through the Bible using the ESV translation. (If you’re interested, here are some places you can buy this Bible. Check out all of the links because you never know who will have sales! Amazon | Barnes & Noble | CBDCrossway)

Sharpie writing pens | I’m a good love of Sharpies in general, but I discovered these bad boys a few years ago and it was like a totally life changing event happened. No matter how much I love technology, I am a true-blue paper journal planner (which will lead me to a bonus 6th Friday Favorite in just a sec) and I love colorful pens because hi, I’m Krista and I’m a Type-A color-coder. Black pens are boring but most pens bleed through the pages. These Sharpie pens DO NOT. And no one paid me to say that!

sharpie pens | I have been looking and looking and looking for a paper planner that will really meet all of my needs. I want it to be multi-purpose: I want to plan my day, meal plan, and do some kind of record keeping when it comes to the blog. Plus it’s nice to have a place for addresses, gift lists, etc. (Type-A. I think we’ve already covered this.) I was randomly looking at people’s instagram accounts last night and saw a link to this. It. Is. Magnificent. You can totally make a planner that works just for you, in multiple sizes, with your choice of cover. It’s pretty much amazing. To be upfront, they are on the more expensive side… but I can’t wait to order one when I get paid on Wednesday because they’re the bomb!

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