November goals

I feel as though I just ended an exceptionally busy season in my life and I’m transitioning to my favorite time of year: late fall and early winter. It’s a busy season as well, but in different ways that the summer and early fall is. I want to enjoy this season. For so long, when I was in school, the holiday season just rushed past me and I was so busy with last-minute papers, exams, and other school nonsense that I didn’t have (or didn’t make) the time to enjoy these sweet moments until they were almost gone for the year. That said, I’m going to give myself some goals for November, and I’ll do it again at the beginning of December. So without further adeiu, here are my goals for the remainder of this month:

  • Stick with my no caffeine kick – and that includes limiting the amount of decaf I consume! My body already feels better after a week free of it, and aches and pains I know come from caffeine haven’t appeared since last week.
  • Finish the books I’m almost done with (…And Ladies of the Club, Disciplines of a Godly Man) and start Love Does and A Million Miles in a Thousand Years.
  • Be intentional about saying “no” and not stretching myself too thin with events and activities. I need to be around people, but I must have quiet time to recharge as well!
  • Wake up 30 minutes earlier to spend time in the word.
  • Read through half of the New Testament books I missed from the staff reading during the beginning of the year so I can officially say I’ve read the Bible in a year!
  • Not let my laundry pile up! Seriously, for a single person… I am ridiculous.
  • Blog at least once a week. Right now I am sporadic, which is not a big deal but I want to detail my life as it happens, not just random moments where my brain is full of big ideas. My life is more than that!

Maybe that’s a lofty list, but so many of the things on it I already do. The hardest thing is going to be waking up half an hour earlier! It means going to bed earlier…

Happy fall, my friends!

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