The mundane & the magical

I spent most of my childhood wishing for the status quo.

One school.
A constant group of friends.
Knowing where I’d go to bed, or who I’d be living with the following week.

I saw kids around me live out my fantasies, and as I became a teenager and finally settled into something that sort of resembled “normal,” I saw my friends live lives I was jealous of because they were so boring.

Maybe it’s silly, but really, as much as I want to be exceptional, I want to be typical.

The season of my life right now feels a little bit like I am in a holding pattern and tonight, when I was driving home from the grocery store, I thought, “What a dull, uneventful day. I saw some people and did some stuff. Now I have to go home and cook and put away groceries and do laundry and write a paper.”

It. was. blissful.

And then there was that gentle nudge I’ve learned to listen for.

I have given you the mundane. I am preparing you for the magical.

I don’t believe in magic. It’s all sleight of hand. But what I know is that God takes the things in our lives that seem simple and He utterly transforms them into unbelievable. But it’s not smoke and mirrors. It’s truth and it’s the Gospel. It’s our job to share with the world our lives so they can see how He transforms them.

This is the time God has given me to soak in the relationships around me. He has given me these days and weeks with my littlest sissy love. It’s my moment to pause and read the books I can’t take with me when He calls me to serve Him. It’s my hour to polish my nails and stay up late to watch SNL and browse people’s pictures on facebook. He has listened to my heart and He has given me pause.

So I want to savor it. I don’t want to rush past any of the moments He’s allowed me to revel in.

God, grant me open eyes to see that in this moment, as I sit and get weepy that I am in my last week as a 20-something, that you made made this typical exceptional. I feel You are preparing my heart for some major changes and I know that these moments where I can sit cuddled in bed under blanket are going to be a thing of the past. Thank you for the chance to be still before You rock my world.

Tell me what you think!

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