Testimony: a vlog series

Just sharing a little bit of a different way this week. Some fun things to note:

1. At one point I started to refer to 1 Titus. Def not a book in any real or fake Bible. Hah!
2. Also, I think I said at one point, “And you didn’t have a chance to kill yourself” or something like that. In context, I’m pretty sure you could figure out that I meant, “And you didn’t have a chance to defend yourself.” There was no way I was recording that over again!
3. My dog is snoring in the background right now and I can’t be sure if she was doing it in the video or not. If so — haha! Whoops. That’s what happens with a tired puppy doped up on Benadryl. :)
4. I am a pacer and a walker, so sitting in front of my computer while I make these videos is super duper difficult for me. I think better when I walk, but I don’t have any kind of set up for that. Bummer!

All right, stay tuned for some more! This is both awkward and really fun.

2 thoughts on “Testimony: a vlog series

  1. girlversusdough says:

    Love this, Krista! Also definitely LOL’ed at the “thither” and Peter Jackson comments.

    Looking forward to more vlogs (ugh, that word is so weird, isn’t it).

    • Krista says:

      Thanks, Steph! I am actually about to post an update to this… because I changed my mind about how I’m going to do them. Still going to vlog (fake word fake word!) my way through this week, but am rethinking the setup. That’s what I get for now planning this very far in advance. :)

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