Just some stuff

Oh man. My brain has so much it wants to write about. So very much. I could outline it here for days but then all I would have to show is a series of outlines and no content. So I’m doing a brain dump in hopes that I can get it together and get some writing done this weekend.

– My parents’ puppy, Penny, had surgery to remove her dermoid sinus (very common in Rhodesian Ridgebacks) on Monday. While she was under, the vet asked if they wanted her spayed, too, so they said yes — kill two birds with one stone. That crazy dog has no clue that she has stitches all over her body. Last night I was reading to Charisse in bed and she came barreling in the room, chasing after Chloe, and jumped on to the bed at a hundred miles an hour. Today she tried to run away. All of this is the result of not being able to take a walk because of her incisions. Hmmm…

– God has totally been convicting me about some stuff lately. It’s really blowing my mind. Certain songs I listen to and the language I use in every day life trying to be funny… it’s gotten to me. I am trying so hard to live my life out loud for Him. I don’t want to keep quiet the joy and hope He has given me.

– Bought all five seasons of Friday Night Lights on DVD tonight. I’ve been trying to convince myself to do it for a while because I like the show. Finally gave in tonight at Target.

– Found out a guy who lived in the same mobile home park as me and my roomie committed suicide tonight by hanging himself. It just breaks my heart to think that there are people who would ever feel like that is their only option. I know suicide is a very selfish action, but it’s also heart-breaking. I literally cannot imagine anything in my life being so awful that the only way I felt like I could get better was to just be dead. I hurt for that man and what he must have felt.

– Tomorrow night’s home group is a Valentine’s Day party. I love that group of people. There is guaranteed to be lots of laughter.

– Like I said before, God has just been rocking my world! I am so grateful for a Savior full of love and grace and compassion and forgiveness. He is like no other and I can’t even tell you how much I appreciate His sacrifice for me.

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