quiet hours

On Wednesday afternoons I volunteer at a pregnancy center doing counseling and other odds and ends as needed. The director of the center is a wonderful woman whose husband was diagnosed last year with a very serious tumor in his brain. During the last year, he has declined pretty badly and everyone who volunteers there has prayed with her and for her a lot. He has been on hospice for a few weeks now and her prayer was that he would be at peace and that the Lord would take him quickly because he was so uncomfortable and couldn’t swallow, wasn’t ambulatory, and could not speak anymore.

Yesterday I woke up about five o’clock and went to the bathroom. When I got back in bed, I just felt this gentle need to pray for our director and her husband. It wasn’t like a loud voice or anything, but I just felt the need to pray specifically for them. So I did — that God would be just comfort them both as the end drew near and that He would come and take the husband quickly and without pain. I fell asleep praying for them.

I went into to the center for my shift yesterday and was prepping some stuff for a big meeting we are having tonight with our center volunteers. When I came in, my friend Megan was there, too, and we were talking about tonight’s event. One of them said something along the lines of, “Obviously M won’t be there tonight since her husband passed away this morning.” I felt goosebumps rising on my arm and I told them about how I felt the need to pray for them at five that morning.

The receptionist’s mouth turned into a huge O. She looked totally shocked and then she said, “He passed away at 5:45.”

I am honestly tearing up as I write this. I’ve heard of people feeling God calling them to pray for a certain person at a specific time, but I’ve never experienced that pull before. It blows my mind that He was putting it on my heart in those early hours yesterday to lift them up in prayer. And knowing that my prayers were heard as he was going to be with God… I can’t get over it and I am so thankful to get to be a part of God’s grander plan.

I love the way the Lord shows up in the details and the mysterious way he shows himself to us, even when we are doubting and experience disbelief. God, you are so, so good. Thank you for the reminder that you’re present in those quiet hours and moments when we need you the most and when others need you the most.

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