Happy birthday to Two!

It’s hard to believe it’s been nine and seven years since I met these not-so-little people. (Yes, they’re related [in case the eyes and dimples and general sweetness didn’t give it away!], and yes, they’re two years apart, and yes, they have the same birthday!)

It’s hard to believe that these two chubsters:

kayley cole

… became these two great kiddos!


Happy birthday, my little Colebert Schmolebert friend. You look so cute with these missing teeth. I love that you always ask me, “Krista, why are you here?” (mostly, I think, because your mom and I always joked about how you’d ask me when you were little, “Why you here?”) and that you literally stink like a boy and that you have a hilarious giggle and wild energy. I promise you I’ll always wrestle with you on the floor of Target even if your mom doesn’t love me for it (as long as the floor isn’t crowded!). I love you, little dude!


I don’t have many pictures of you as a big kid, but I love you, too, Kayley girl! I love that you are so very serious and literal and that you will sometimes break into the best smile ever with the best laugh. Your high ones (like a high five, but just our pointer fingers!) always crack me up, too, and I hope we always do that, even when you’re too cool to hang out with me. I really, really love that you love to read books. I like to pretend that’s a part of me I gave to your mom to give to you. Hah. Happy birthday, buddy. I love you, too!

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