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Hello friends! It’s a new week and a time for some new (and old-to-me) favorites. Share your favorites with me in the comments below, or write your own posts and share your links with me.

  • Parenthood You guys. In an attempt to fill the Lorelai (and Rory) Gilmore void in my life, I started watching Parenthood. While I keep expecting Lauren Graham/Sarah Braverman to be Lorelai, and she totally isn’t, I do love the show. I love that it’s addressing serious issues and that in each episode there is an element of family togetherness, even if it’s slightly cheesy. Why I never watched this show before, I don’t know. But I am a super fan now.
  • Freebies at Starbucks On Tuesday, I went to Starbucks before School of Ministry to get some writing done, and while I was there, they were getting rid of tall of the pastries in stock to make room for the fresh stuff. I lucked out because I got half a breakfast sandwich for free and then a little while later, I also got an entire old-fashioned donut for free, too. Bad for the waist, good for the belly and the writing fingers.
  • A change in the weather If you’d told me five years ago that I would be a hot weather hater at the close of my twenties, I would have laughed at you. But it’s true. Anything above 75 makes me want to die, and unless the humidity is in the 50 – 60% range, I also feel like dying. Well, bad news bears for Krista because it was in the low 80s with 5 – 8% humidity for almost a week. How the heck does a beach town have 8% humidity? That seems like it should be impossible! I actually shocked myself so badly on Sunday, thanks to the low humidity and crazy ridiculous winds, that my hand hurt for a good 30 minutes. Thankfully it’s now cool and misty and rainy and I am so, so happy. Bundle me up and call me happy.
  • Writing I so often feel like I have a big voice inside of me, just waiting to be unleashed to tell my story, but when it comes time to talk, my words sound like this: sjhdgiushgsjhguisgiseurhgiuehrva. Not so helpful. Thankfully, putting pen to paper (or, in this case, fingers to keyboard) helps get rid of the gibberish when I attempt to make sense of the world.
  • Babies! I just love new babies and my friend Jaimie’s baby is amazing and so cute. She was born a week ago today and is just the sweetest thing. I’ve been seen Jaimie begin many journeys in our friendship and I am so excited to watch her and her husband begin the journey of parenthood. I feel creepy posting pictures of my friend’s baby on the interwebz so here are some pictures of my and my awesome former-boss-turned-friend.
We karaoked a song whose name I cannot mention because it contains a curse word. But here's a hint: it's by Meredith Brooks.

We karaoked a song whose name I cannot mention because it contains a curse word and I kind of want to keep this blog family-friendly. But here’s a hint: it’s by Meredith Brooks.

Another fun, great day of O-Staff.

Another fun, great day of O-Staff.

president's dinner

My, my… how Jaimie has shrunk since this picture was taken at the President’s Dinner in 2007 and how I’ve enlarged. :)

honors convocation

Such an important person in my college life. I was so honored to have her present at my Honor’s Convocation! And now she’s a mama… we share our life’s journeys with each other.

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