Friday Favorites

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There are so many random, fun things that I love but it seems so weird to just post about them. So on Fridays for the time being I’m going to be sharing some of my favorite things: products, foods, books, moments — you name it, if it falls in my “favorite!” category for the week, I’ll share it. (Huge thanks to my friend Kim who is awesome and made me the graphic above and took my feedback via text!) What’s up for this week?

  • Full House Since I am one episode away from the end of my relationship with Rory and Lorelai Gilmore (sad face), I needed to distract myself with something to perk me up. Thanks to a free trial with Netflix, I am now fully walking through nostalgia city. I forgot how much I love and loved this show! It’s eight parts cheesy, one part worked up girl drama, and one part kind of inappropriate (Uncle Jesse say what!), but every time the theme song starts, I honestly am transported back to some of the happy memories I have of my childhood.
  • Creamsicles Apparently I am on a nostalgic kick because I bought a box of these at the grocery store this week and every bite reminds me of spending the summers at my grandma’s, eating popsicles and ice cream after playing in the sprinkler. Oh, for the simpler days.
  • Essie nail colors This week I’ve work Eternal Optimist and Lilacism (currently on my nail as I type!) and I just gotta say, their colors are so vibrant and pretty and for the price, they’re an awesome quality. Do you have a favorite Essie color?
  • Charisse This will be a weekly thing, I’m sure, but today, I saw her as she was dashing off to swim practice, and she came to me and gave me a great big hug and said, “Ohhh, you smell good!” I love tender moments like these. I’m sure it’s not too long before she doesn’t want to call me Sissy anymore and she doesn’t want anything to do with me, let alone tell me that I smell good, so I am going to cherish that girl every second while I can.
  • Friends I can’t say it enough, but I am so thankful and so blessed by the friends I have. God has brought me them from different places and different stages and different walks of life, and they just continue to challenge and encourage and admonish and uplift me. I think that good, quality friends are so important, and it just overwhelms me sometimes how beyond blessed I am for these ladies (and a few dudes, too!)

That’s it for this week. This list could go on and on but we’ll save some for the next few weeks. If you are interested sharing your weekly favorites with me and others, please join up (you can use the graphic above but please make sure you link it back to my site!). To share you post, do the following:

  1. Write a post of your own on your own blog sharing your weekly favorites.
  2. Copy the link to your post, not your general blog URL!
  3. Click to add you link to the list and fill out the appropriate info. Please keep your link titles short — you only get 50 characters.
  4. I will delete duplicates and links that go to general blog URLs.

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