Puppy breath

We got a dog a week and a half ago.

And by “we,” of course I mean “my parents and Charisse” because the only kinds of dogs I like are really big ones (the exception to the rule being my 11-lb chiweiner rat dog Chloe!) and that is just not possible where my roommate and I live. So my parents’ dogs are also mine. And my friend’ dogs are mine, too. So that about covers it.

Anyhow, my parents have been looking for other dog because their nine-year-old is on borrowed time at this point (she has degenerative myelopathy, a progressive disease that affects her spinal cord) and Chloe, the little dog, is her BFF. When Baytor, the big one, goes, it’s going to cause the little dog to spiral into depression unless she has another dog she can cling to. This is kind of what happened in the summer of 2011 when we had to put down our other big dog, Tommy. It was so sad because him and Chloe were totally bonded, but thankfully after a few weird days, Chloe and Baytor became inseparable. These two now snuggle together and are just so close.

chloe and big snuggled christmas

Their most common snuggle position

chlo and big spooning

They spoon, too

So through some random lady at a bird store, my dad got connected to a lady who breeds Rhodesian Ridgebacks. (Do not ask me why my dad was at a bird store. My parents don’t own any birds.) He gave the lady a call and she told him that they didn’t have any puppies and my dad was just telling her about how they were looking to rescue a ridgeback since they love rescue dogs and really wanted a third one for the reasons above, but if they couldn’t rescue one they were willing to buy one.

Cue the Twilight Zone music because the lady starts telling my dad all about how she has a dog that’s nearly 12 weeks old and can’t be sold because she has a small cyst at the top of her ridge that makes her unable to be bred or shown. When my parents picked her up early this morning, the breeder told them that these cysts are pretty common in ridgebacks and a lot of breeders just euthanize the puppies right away.

Cue the sick-to-my-stomach feeling. Why would you do that? How selfish!

Anyhow, last week the lady was telling my parents how she’d been praying and praying for a family who would just want a puppy to love and to have as a member of their family, not to sire or to show. Well, that’s us! My parents left very early on Saturday, January 5, before five am, to go to Palm Springs to pick her up.

Her name is Penny and she is the chillest, most mellow dog ever. I’m surprised at how mellow she is for being as young as she is (she’s was only 12 weeks told) the day they got her; she’s just over 13 weeks now. She’s so awesome and I am excited that we finally get a dog whose whole life we get to invest in. Lursa (the first dog my parents had together, and my baby!) had to be given away because she bit Charisse, Tommy had to be put down due to cancer after we’d had him just over three years (he was ten when he came to us), and both Chloe and Baytor are pound rescues. Not that their lives have enriched ours any less, but it’s just a difference experience from puppyhood on up.

Meet Penny!


Penny big paws!


She found the single sunny patch in the living room


She is a dog lover through-and-through


Her first car ride was just SO exhausting

We love our Penny/Pen-Pen/Penny girl/Lucky Penny/Penny puppy so much already! That’s right, we are that dog-loving, dorky family, and we are all more than okay with it.


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