Hi, I’m Krista. Nice to meet you.

I’m not sure I’ve mentioned this before (and if I have, I have mentioned very briefly at best!), but I am a member of The Influence Network, a totally amazing group of women seeking to use their blogs, twitters, Pinterests, facebooks, and other miscellanous social media to influence the Kingdom of God for good. It’s exciting to be a founding member and if you’re new here to my blog, although it’s too late to be a founding member I’d HIGHLY suggest you check the network because there is a lot of great networking, friendship, and classes to be found!

Tonight I participated in my first class which was awesome for so many reasons: a) it was a class on using Pinterest more effectively in your blogging; b) it was GREAT (although slightly overwhelming!) to connect with so many new and awesome women; and c) learning from the pros is always a plus. In the 44 minutes since the class ended, I’ve already seen a spike in my blog traffic, so I thought I’d make a fun post for those new to these parts about who I am and what I do.

Who is Krista?
You can check out my Who’s Krista? page. Or you can read this blurb: I’m a nearly 30-something (three months from today exactly — holy cow!) with a degree in English, a graduate degree in school counseling, a passion for reading and writing, a volunteer gig with a pregnancy center, Calvary Nexus church attender (LOVE all Calvary Chapels!), a big sister to the coolest soon-to-be-nine-year-old you don’t know but will feel like you do after reading about her, and a lover of all dogs (well… 98% of dogs. Not a fan of Yorkies or terriers or anything else small and bony. Larger chihuahuas are about as small as I go.). I don’t like to travel because I am a home-to-the-body but I miss my far-away friends so I suck it up and get on planes (Southwest is the best!).

What do I write about?
I don’t even know how to describe this blog. I guess if I had to categorize it, I’d say it’s a lifestyle blog, although to be totally honest I’m not really sure what that means. I write about trying to find purpose in life, lots about God, my own healing process as I get more involved with a pregnancy center (you can read some posts that I wrote about that process and moving forward after having an abortion at a young age but not dealing with the consequences until my very, very, very late 20s: The Mending // Knots // To the fireplace // I don’t think). I also really, really like to write about our dogs. I know. I know. It’s really dorky, especially considering they’re my parents’ dogs and I just pretend they’re mine. But I love Baytor (9 and a half almost, Rottweiler/lab mix), Chloe (5 and a half in February, Chihuahua with a touch of wiener dog), and Penny (13 weeks, Rhodesian Ridgeback). I just cannot help it. They are the very best! Sometimes I write about my sister. I used to review books on a different blog but I’m letting that go so I may post a post or two here on the books I read (I read 80 books in 2012 and 75 in 2011!). Really, I write about everyday life. And goodness knows, I love to write!

Here are some weird but true facts.
I don’t know how to whistle.
I really, really love to read.
A lot.
And I read every day.
Yeah, every. single. day. Sometimes for hours, sometimes for minutes.
Gilmore Girls, Friends, and Parenthood make me very happy when I’m not reading.
I am right-handed.
I love blank journals.
I am pretty Type-A.
Running makes me want to die.
Even though I have a BA in English, I am terrible at proofreading my own work so you may see typos here sometimes.
Some I’ll fix and some I won’t because I won’t see them.
I’ve lived in a 20-mile radius almost my entire life.
(And the few years I didn’t live in that small circle are pretty much what I think of as “the awful years.”)
The people I call Mom, Dad, sissy, and parents technically have no biological or legal connection to me — but they are my parents and she is my sister.
I love living in Southern California, but I can’t wait to leave.
I saw a lot of stupid-yet-hilarious things because I talk faster than I think. (I know. I’m awful.)
Yellow is the best color, Celine Dion is the best singer ever, I love rooibos tea, I’ve been to South Africa, and I can’t sleep at night unless I have a fan on (even when it’s freezing, like it’s been lately).

I think that covers it. Welcome to my intentional (and sometimes unintentional!) life.

2 thoughts on “Hi, I’m Krista. Nice to meet you.

    • Krista says:

      Ohhh, really? I’ll have to check it out! It’s no replacement for Gilmore Girls, but I recently started watching Parenthood on Netflix because I miss Lauren Graham! (Also. It’s weird to me how everyone says the Lorelais talk fast because I feel like they talk at normal speed, but then again — I am also a fast talker!)

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