New year, new Krista

Edit: Um. I’m a little over-zealous with the Schedule tool because I totally wrote and intended to publish this post about two weeks ago. However, I set the Schedule date for 12/29/13. Whoops. So instead you’re getting it today. Same goals and everything. This suddenly makes a lot of things about my blog make sense, at least for me! Happy reading. And let me know — what are you goals for the year ahead?

My friend Steph recently sent me an email about a competition her gym is having called “New Year, New You.” The goal is to join a team and for your team to lose the greatest percentage of body fat and you can win $500. It seems crazy, but her team actually won the pre-holidays competition and she won real money. I haven’t decided if I am going to do the competition yet for the spring because there’s a lot of gym classes to go to and I really, really don’t like working out with other people, but it got me thinking. It’s a new year. It’s time for some new goals. I did a decent job of reaching my goals from last year, so I’d like to put some good thoughts into the five main things I want to do this year.

1. Read through the entire Bible.
I got through the New Testament like a pro this last year (2012). I know that the Old Testament can seem a little drier, but I found a super rad reading plan that breaks up the week so on Sundays I read a few chapters from one of the epistles, on Monday I read from the Law, Tuesday from the history books, Wednesday from the Psalms, Thursday from the books of poetry, Friday from books of prophecy, and Saturday from the Gospels. I love that Saturdays are the Gospels and I get to read from them just before church on Sunday. Update: I actually realized that I had to shift the dates around because the new year started on a Tuesday. So I read the epistles on Tuesdays, the law on Wednesdays, and so on until I get to the Gospels on Monday.

2. Grow in my relationship with God.
This year I would like to earnestly, actively spend time with Him in prayer. I didn’t pray nearly as much as I could have this last year, and I would like to make that change this year. In happy times and sad times and as well as times of praise and celebration and just pure, unrestrained worship: I want to grow to know Him and hear Him in my daily life and listen to the call and His will for me.

3. Attend the Influence Conference/establish this blog.
I was intrigued by using my blog as a way to share my love of writing as well as my love of Jesus but there was just no way that I could make it happen last year. But this year… oh this year! I an officially a founding member of the Influence Network and that it so freaking cool. From reading the Influence Conference hastag, it seems like people who attended got SO much out of it and I would like to have that opportunity! Plus, connecting with Godly women who have similar goals and aspirations is a really special thing, too, and since it looks like I’m not going to get to go to Europe in May, I want to do something special to celebrate turning 30.

4. Hit 75 books (including at least 5 from around my house).
Not really that worried about this. Did it last year two years ago, did it this last year. But I do want to be careful that when I read, I’m not taking time away from my Bible or my time with God — I want my pleasure reading to come in second to my God!

5. Move into a new leadership position with the pregnancy center.
I am already starting this this year as I am officially the table host coordinator for the big banquet the Pregnancy Center puts on. I’m excited and nervous all at the same time, but I know for certain this is a place God has directed me to. I’m going to be faithful and honor Him in this role and as my leadership in the organization grows!

Tell me what you think!

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