Big dreams and God things

After this week, I can officially say that I am back into the swing of things. As I commented earlier in the week, I started School of Ministry again this week and tonight we had our first home group since the holiday. It was a very small gathering — just our two leaders, myself, and one other guy. Some people have class, two people had to work late, one person isn’t coming anymore… I hope our group remains stable because it’s one of the best parts of my week.

Normally we talk about the previous Sunday’s sermon, but since the two leaders had just arrived home after a week in Africa, we kept it more general and tonight’s discussion centered around what God has been doing in our lives or anything that He’s revealed to use lately. I was at a loss for an answer to that question because God totally is doing big things in my life but I can’t exactly describe them — yet. I guess what He is doing is working on my heart and my attitude. The attitude I’ve had in the past has been that I’m a Christian, I love the Lord, and I want His will for my life… as long as it doesn’t involve me actually talking about Him or His will with anyone I know in real life or anyone I might meet while I’m out and about, at work, running errands, visiting others people, or non-Christians. Which means the only people I’ve been willing to discuss God things with has been fellow Christians.

How very open of me.

So my answer to tonight’s question is that I’m not sure, exactly, what God is doing, except that I know He is preparing my heart for something big in 2013. I feel like this is a year that is going to define my direction in life, that if I am still and I seek Him, He will show me what He has planned for me. That’s both kind of scary but for the first time ever, so exciting. I am super ready to get this show on the road. (Hear that, Lord? I AM SO READY.)

I’ve got all of these big, big dreams in my life. Talents I feel like He has blessed me with. Skills He’s given me and a heart to love people, also from Him. I have desires and goals of my own that involve serving Him and glorifying His name. I’m ready to talk to people in my life about Him. I’m praying for boldness and so much mercy. And at the same thing, I’m excited to see the God things unfold. You know, the things He has in store for me. Because as much as my dreams carry me, I want His dreams to sustain me. I want the God things to be so bold in my life that I just shine His love.

So if you see this and you remember me in prayer, please pray that I’ll listen to His voice and His call, that others will confirm (and hold me accountable to) the things He has planned for me. Pray for perserverance and strength and that I spend time daily in His word and in prayer and in fellowship. Because I want this to be the year that I can look back on and say, “That’s the year I stepped up and said, ‘Yes, Lord!'”

Tell me what you think!

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