ten on Tuesday (a post about catching up)

I’ve got all kinds of post ideas written down, plotted out… but as they say, the best laid plans… I feel like I have been sick forever and the last few days have just been the worst. I’ve been taking Mucinex like clockwork to try and get the junk out of my lungs. So without further adieu, here is a quick list of ten things you should know today:

1. I love California but holy guacamole, the winter weather is killing my skin! I’ve never, ever noticed how dry it gets during the winter but this year (and it’s only been cold and winter-like for a few weeks!) has been awful! The last two nights I have slathered my arms, legs, hands, and feet in coconut oil in an attempt to lock a little moisture in, and while it’s worked because my body itches way less today than two days ago, the lingering smell of coconut might make be throw up. I might have to tough out the weather with store-bought lotion and save the coconut oil for once a week or something.

2. Sick sick sick. I’ve been on-and-off again sick since just before Christmas, but the last few days it’s hut me with full force. I can handle sinus pressure and the occasional cold, but I hate it when everything moves into my chest and the gunk takes up residence.

3. Tonight is the first night back at School of Ministry. I have a nagging feeling that I’ve forgotten something, which I know isn’t true. We wrapped up a big project before we broke for Christmas and there’s nothing due until next week. I guess it’s just that back-to-school-after-a-break feeling that I get.

4. I left a freezer meal I prepared like six weeks ago in the crockpot this morning. Here’s to coming home to warm, perfectly cooked sausage and vegetables! I’ll just cook up some noodles and have dinner tonight and lunch tomorrow.

5. I really am tired of spending $65 a month on storage unit fees so I think it’s time to break down and try to sell some of that stuff on Craigslist. The only problem is that there is so much stuff in that place! I have to go in there one day, take everything out, and take pictures of it. What a pain in the butt. My goal is to get rid of enough of it to either move into a smaller unit (currently I have a 5’x10′ unit and would like a 5’x5′) OR to sell some of the big stuff through Craigslist and have a yard sale for a lot of the rest of the stuff and get rid of that altogether, plus make some extra cash from selling off old books and stuff (which I guess I can also list on Craigslist).

6. The thought of selling books makes me want to throw up a little bit, but I guess I can’t keep them all forever. Of course, there are some that I just would not ever, never ever in a million years, sell. I’m a sucker for the written word!

7. It’s just over a week in and my Bible reading plan is going splendidly. So far, I’ve read the beginnings of Romans, Genesis, Joshua, Psalms, Job, Isaiah, and Matthew. I’ll pick up in Romans again today and work my way through each of the books. (For the record, the plan I’m using divides my reading up into seven sections: Epistles, Law, History, Psalms, Poetry, Prophecy, and the Gospels. My “week” starts on Tuesday, which corresponds to the first of the year being a Tuesday!)

8. Speaking of Romans… after a 70+ week study through Luke, my church is starting the book of Romans and I can’t wait. I love love love expository teaching. I really get so much out of it.

9. This ties into number 3, but I’m pretty sure my home group will begin meeting again after a break for the holidays (plus our leaders were in Africa for a week!). I love this group of people so much so I’m glad that we’re all gathering again. I really miss them, although to be fair I did see a lot of them over the break!

10. That’s all I can think of but it seems silly to end with 9 when I made this a list of 10, so here’s a 10th item to quell my OCDness! :)

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