Weird but true

Each morning I go through a routine when it comes to getting ready and today, I thought to myself, “There are so many weird things about me that would make other people laugh. I should write them down.” Plus, I would like someday to look back and share these things with my kids and grandkids because my memory might fail me as the years go on. Some fun, quirky facts about Krista:

1. No matter how cold my house is (and my roommate and I keep it cold because we are both cheap and would rather layer up than spend money on the heater!), I have to sleep with the fan on every night. Partly it’s because I need the white noise and a real fan is better than a white noise app on my phone, but the other reason is because I LOVE sleeping in an icy cold room. I get really, uncomfortably hot pretty easily, especially at night. Add that to the fact that I can’t sleep uncovered and you have a hot, uncomfortable girl. When the room is so cold it hurts, then I am just perfect under my snuggly warm blankets and pillows!

2. I have six pillows on my bed and I use every one of them. My poor future husband. Or poor future Krista-wife. How will I part with my pillows?!

3. This isn’t quirky, but I am EXTREMELY loyal. Almost to a fault. I have no regrets about this, however. Whether it’s loyalty to people, services, or brands, I am pretty much committed.

4. Even and odd — that’s how I classify everything, and let me tell you, even is bad. I don’t like things in even numbers unless it’s a multiple of ten, and then I can handle it because it’s really a multiple of five, which is odd. Somehow in my mind I see things as even or odd. Letters, for instance. A, C, E, F… those are odd numbers. B, D, G… even. Right is even, left is odd (that’s why both of my tattoos are on the left side of my body!). I can’t explain it, but that’s just where my brain goes.

5. I love the color yellow. Someone has to have it as their favorite. It gets left out in the seas of pink and green and blue and purple lovers.

6. I am a major knuckle cracker. No, cracking your knuckles does NOT give your arthritis. More often than not I don’t even know that I am doing it, which is awesome when I’m at church and my friend Steph gives me a look and tells me to stop cracking my knuckles. It feels so good! (A quick google search just informed me that the reason many chronic crackers crack is because the muscles and joints around a cracked knuckle are looser right after they’re cracked, making it feel more comfortable. So for anyone who has been to the chiropractor and knows how good you feel after a great adjustment — that’s exactly how my hands and feet feel after I have cracked my knuckles!)

7. I love board games and my favorite one is Monopoly.

8. When I was little, I went to a TON of schools. I started kindergarten in a city near San Francisco called Fort Bragg, did first grade and second grades in a second school district, moved to Bakersfield for a while, and in seventh grade I came back to the school district I did first and second grade in. A few years ago I decided to get official copies of my school records and imagine my surprise when I discovered that nothing exists for me before seventh grade. It’s kind of creepy actually. I can understand how they might not have my records from when I was at a different district, but I was a student here for other years. I wish I had time to devote to getting those records discovered.

9. I really, really don’t like even numbers so I’m ending on nine just for my slightly OCD peace of mind. :) Share some of your quirks with me!

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