What a year, what a year

I keep taking time out of my day to write an end-of-the-year post, but every time I do I feel like like the task is so overwhelming that I leave a post in my drafts and then I abandon it (seriously, I just trashed four posts like this!). Then I get side tracked thinking about how I need to finish four or five posts for my review blog, and I entirely lose focus. So while I could recap a hundred things (and maybe I will…), I really want to focus on the goals I set for myself this year. Some I met, some I did not, and some I’d like to repeat.

Read through the New Testament/Grow in God
Bazinga! I totally met this goal, although it was a little later than I had anticipated. Honestly, I read most of the books of the New Testament previously, but this time my efforts were start-to-finish, and it was really exciting. My Bible was highlighted and covered in notes (I say was because I got a new Bible in November and am no longer using the Bible I had when I read through the New Testament, but I did spend hours transferring over my notes and highlights). There is something so amazing about reading through the story of Jesus and then following it up with other lessons that build on and highlights His teachings.

As for growing in God: I honestly look back at this year and I think that the one word I would use to characterize it is “growth.” If I had realized as I made this list last year how much my life would change if I was willing to give my life over to God, I would not have been able to imagine it. Between joining School of Ministry at my church and the reading we do as part of the class, the amazing study through the book of Luke that our church did for the last year and a half, living with some amazing, Godly friends, reading through the New Testament, being part of a great home group, and volunteering at the pregnancy center, God has really revealed Himself to me this year. But I know I’m not done yet… there is so much more that I can do and so much further I can go in my walk with Him. I want to live my life so boldly for Him that you can’t see me anymore… I want to make this life not about me anymore.

Read books sitting around my house
Um. This might be a fail. I need to quickly consult my list that I made last December to see if I read more than one or two… Yeah, no. I read two of the 14 I planned on reading: World Without End by Ken Follett and Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers. Oh well. I still read/am finishing up reading 81 books. I consider this one a success, even if I have books that are waiting to be read.

Be healthier/drink less soda/caffeine
Yeah, I think it’s pretty safe to say that I didn’t really do very great at this one. My caffeine intake increased, my ability to run a 5K diminished, and I’m pretty sure I probably gained weight. I did run two 5Ks, though — one in February in freezing cold Carp and the Color Run in November (that was SO fun!)

I think that sums it up. Some other highlights include:

  • seeing Celine Dion for the second time in Vegas in January
  • serving as a bridesmaid in my friend Jaimie’s wedding (and just a month ago helping throw her baby shower!)
  • a fabulous 29th birthday party with friends at my apartment in April
  • moving in two a good friend, her husband, their kids, and their dogs the week after my birthday
  • driving to Idaho and spending a week there this summer
  • deleting my facebook accounts (what a wonderful break that was!)
  • taking my Charissie girl to school on the first day of 3rd grade (oh my word, I cannot believe it!)
  • quitting my job and getting a new one after four long years
  • getting more ink (this one just happened a week ago!)

It definitely was a year with hard parts, but honestly it’s been one of the best years. I turn 30 in 108 days and I am so excited to see where God takes me this year. I have some awesome possibilities in store for me at work, with my blog, with ministry… there is so much to do and so much to look forward to and I just can’t wait for it all to happen (and naturally I can’t wait to look back on the year when it’s done, but I’m ready to wrap this one up and live the next first!).

I’ll be back tomorrow with my goals for 2013!

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