Thoughts on turning 30

My birthday is still months away. Four months from this Friday, to be precise.

But it’s on my mind tonight. I was driving home this evening and stopped in Oxnard for some tasty Chick-fil-a. I decided I was going to do something nice and buy dinner for the person behind me. Except there was no one behind me. I was pretty bummed. While I was still a few cars away from paying, I saw headlights flash behind me and I got massive butterflies in my stomach. I felt so nervous but when I told the guy at the window I wanted to pay for the lady behind me, he said, “Cool. Pay it forward, right?” I told him yes and to tell her I said “Have a good night.”

It honestly was thrilling, I tell you, knowing she was going to pull up to the window and have the guy tell her that she was already paid for. I love to give people things and part of the excitement is to see their reaction. It was only five or so bucks, but I hope she felt loved on a busy Monday on her way home from (or on her way to!) work.

Anyhow, all of this to say that I started thinking about the Birthday Project, this great idea that I read about a while ago via Pinterest. I am so glad I did because I started following TBP’s founder, Robyn, on twitter and she has been such a great inspiration – not to mention very kind to me – as I’ve followed her. On her 38th birthday, she, her husband, and their three daughters did 38 ROAKs (random acts of kindness). It was such a neat thing to read and I sort of half-heartedly did it this year for my 29th.

But 30. That’s a big deal. I want to do something, not get something, this year. I mean, sure there are a ton of things I’d love to get. But I don’t need them. And for the most part, even the expensive ones, I can get on my own as long as I save up and spend wisely. I don’t have any real want or need.

So I am going to think of 30 things that have made a different or positive impact in my life and do something related to those ideas. I already have five or six things, but if you know me in real life (or even if you don’t — if you know me well enough online to know what brings me joy and makes me feel grateful!), I welcome any suggestions as to what I can do. Some of the ideas I have are big (there is one excited I am just over the moon about!), so I need to plan in advance — hence this blog post four months early.

I can’t wait! I’m so excited to share with you all!

Tell me what you think!

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