Today officially starts my very favorite time of year. Yes, I do let myself listen to Christmas music starting November 1, but it’s not really socially acceptable to rock out until Thanksgiving day, I think. I haven’t put up any trees and I actually haven’t done any Christmas shopping yet, but that all changes this week.

Today and tomorrow are my calm days. I’m bored. I feel restless. And I want to appreciate it and be thankful for it because Wednesday I have my volunteering, and then we are having a home group pizza Thanksgiving dinner. Thursday we start to decorate for Christmas and then I am having dinner with my aunt and Grandma, and as soon as I’m done (or at 6:00 if we aren’t done), then I’m rushing to Target to wait in line to go inside at nine. My mom and her friend are joining us. Who knows if I’ll feel energized to hit up a few more shops after that… I’m playing in by ear (although I wonder if Bed, Bath, and Beyond will be open that night. It’s just around the corner!)

Friday is our craazy day. It’s our family Thanksgiving since my padre works Thanksgiving day and the money is too good to try to get off. We are finishing decorating, cooking, and Charisse has her little buddy Emma, who I just love, coming over to spend the night. Friday I’m helping my aunt with her tree and then rushing home to babysit Charisse that night while the parentals go out on a date and to see a movie. I’ll get some quality sissy time. I bought some Christmas classic movies last week at Target for us to watch.

Then it’s calm for a few weeks, but I feel like I always end up feeling like I’ve rushed through the Christmas season. I don’t want to feel that way this year. I want to enjoy every moment as it comes and embrace it instead of looking back on January 1, thinking “Where did the time go?” I want to savor the gifts and the friends and the fun but more importantly I want to remember Who this season is all about and not get caught up in the meaningless parts of it.

I want to love this Christmas season in honor of the One who loved us first.

Tell me what you think!

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