Catching up

All right. Here are thirteen things on this Thursday that will catch you up on my life and what I’m doing these days.

1. Jaimie’s baby shower was on Sunday and it was so nice to see people there, celebrating here. Plus, I got to talk to someone who used to work at CSUCI that I never knew well and we totally had a great conversation about School of Ministry. It was a doubly-awesome day!

Me, Jaimie, Becca, and Eva hanging out after the shower (Jaimie is 7 months pregnant — what!)

2. On November 3, I was in San Diego “running” the Color Run with Steph, Joanna, and Lindsay. I use the term running very broadly, hence the quotes. It was more like I ran for about a one minute per kilometer. My shins were sore anyway the next day — the race was seriously uphill both ways, a feat I thought old grandparents talking about the old days could make up.

Clean before the race! Me, Lindsay (and her color bump!), Steph, and Joanna

Our colorful nails. We had a nail party the night before! (I’m the ringless hand!)

After the race! Joanna’s shirt was so awesome.

I was a colorful mess!

My (swollen, puffy) post-race hand.

One part Krista, one part Avatar.

The paint made its way into our shoes!

3. We have been so worried about So Big (more commonly known as Baytor dog, or Marshmallow, or Baytorasaurs Rex). Last week my mom and I came inside the house after a few hours away to find bloody, runny poop all over the place. Before I went home for the night, I spent about 20 minutes on the floor with her, saying goodbye because we were all pretty sure she would have to be put down the next day. Thankfully, it looks like there was just some bad food making the rounds, and the vet gave her some antibiotics, probiotics, and other medication and it seems to be working for now. But my mom and speculate that she has a year at the most left with us. We have had a good seven and a half years with this amazing animal!

Baytor on the night I said goodbye to her. So sad and soulful.

4. Volunteering at the Pregnancy Center has been great so far. I’ve only seen a few clients, and for obvious reasons I can’t post their pictures or tell their stories, but I know God is present in that ministry. There are so many sad stories I hear and my heart aches for all of the girls telling them, especially the young girls. I just want to hug them all and take care of them.

5. I’m also volunteering at the Bridge, our church’s after school youth center. It’s just for a few hours on Monday, and I actually forgot this week because Monday was a holiday and my whole sense of time was thrown off. Whoops! (Lynn, if you for some random reason are reading this, then I want to tell you I’m sorry and I’ll be back next week!)

6. Living in Camarillo has been really great. It’s always fun getting to know and live with someone, but things with Monica and I seem to be going pretty well. Neither of us is super stressed about small amounts of clutter and neither of us has rocking, raging parties, so it’s been good so far. Now if only it wasn’t fluctuating between really hot and really cold all of the time!

7. I’m up to 71 books this year. I’m pretty sure that I’ll make it to my desired 75 by the end of this month — I’m in the middle of two and I’m actually halfway through listening to one (which totally counts). Actually, I’ve read about 60 pages more this year than last year so that’s pretty awesome.

Right. So I couldn’t make it to thirteen but there you go — eight updates on my life!

Tell me what you think!

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