The little things

Have you ever had one of those rough days where basically everything goes wrong? That was — well… IS — my day still. So instead of venting about my day (although I will tell you the first thing I did after I got home was smack my head, really, really hard, into the corner of my night table and now I have a nice bruise on my face), I’m going to take a moment and reflect on some good things that have happened today.

1. Tonight, while I was looking for a flash drive in my purse, I discovered a baggie of chocolate covered pretzels I took the movies on Saturday night. I was SO EXCITED to see them. They’ve been there all day and I needed them tonight.

2. I ordered some clothes from my CAbi party on Saturday and the lady who is the CAbi person already ran my credit card. I hate waiting until the parties close — that money is just sitting there. So I was happy to see it gone (and so, so happy to see the discount I got was pretty big!).

3. I got to spend some good time in the Word last night. I have been reading through a book in the NT and OT at the same time, and I’ve just been bogged down in my reading the last few days. Last night was really nice because I got to settle down with some God time before I went to bed last night. It’s so refreshing to read through both the NT and OT at the same time. It makes me think about the different messages in each.

4. Today’s weather was amazing.

5. At the third student orientation did today, I only had one student, so we were able to look specifically at the stuff in her online classes. Usually I just have to do something general since there are too many students to help individually, but tonight was a nice change.

6. I am about to go take a nice, long soak and read Angie Smith’s new book Mended.

It’s the little things, right?

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